NABIS Evidential Classification Pilot in the Central Hub

20th January 2014

On the 20th January till the 1st August 2014, the NABIS Central Hub will be piloting a scheme to provide evidential classification services to the Forces of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

The NABIS Central Hub will provide statements, when requested, on all firearms and ammunition that are submitted to the Central Hub. However all items that do not meet the NABIS Submission Criteria will still need to be examined by Forensic Service Providers (FSPs) or 'in-house'. The criteria is designed to capture guns that it is reasonable to believe have been discharged in the commission of a crime or are regularly used by criminals.

The standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 28 calendar days will apply to all classifications; any submissions requiring a shorter SLA will have to be examined by an FSP or 'in-house'. There will also be no out-of-hours classification service provided.

It is hoped that this will be a successful pilot and the service will eventually be continued beyond time period and ultimately rolled out to all Police Forces within the UK.

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