3D Gun Dectector Trial Successful

3rd February 2014

And... whenever there is a problem, someone usually comes up with a solution. Fortunately NABIS has been paying close attention to some work under development in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and a UK company Radio Physics Solutions (RPS).

3D Gun DetectorIn December, NABIS and colleagues from MMU, RPS and Warwick University came together to assess some new equipment to detect a hidden, entirely plastic 3D gun.

The test included assistance from Dr. Simon Leigh from Warwick University who had been assisting NABIS testing and firing a 3D gun at NABIS Labs, earlier in the year. The 3D firearm had presented a problem; being made out of plastic it had not been immediately obvious to standard search techniques.

However, the detector was extremely effective in detecting the 3D gun. Even at long range 20-30 feet, the detector very quickly picked up a weapon hidden in a test subjects clothing. The 3D gun had no metal parts whatsoever in its design, yet the detector was able to pick it up with a high degree of confidence.

The successful test offers investigators an additional tool in their investigative and intelligence operations to identify weapons being trafficked through ports and airports where it was felt that these areas might be vulnerable to these weapons being carried.

Although the detector is in its early stages of development, the results look promising and NABIS has a program of works beginning early in the new year, with RPS, MMU and Warwick University to develop the kit for field testing later in the year.

Details of a previous test with a metal gun are available on You Tube.

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