When in Doubt...

If you are reading this page as a member of the public, please don't hesitate to contact the Police via 101 if you see or hear any information relating to the criminal use of firearms. You are strongly encouraged to report anything whatsoever you may see or hear about the criminal use of firearms to the police. It may be a conversation you overhear in a shop or a pub that suggests someone may have illegal access to a firearm, it may be that you hear noises late at night that you think may be gunshots, or that you see someone acting suspiciously.

Please Call

In any of these circumstances do not hesitate to contact the police - it is better to be safe than sorry! In an emergency dial 999 or in other circumstances contact your local police station or dial Independent Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Please be aware that our NABIS phone number is not an emergency number. In an emergency please call 999 or your local police force number.

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