The effectiveness of NABIS as a national service is dependent on police forces and agencies sharing their information in relation to ballistic material and associated intelligence. In order to define the requirements needed to ensure maximum effectiveness within the NABIS system of work a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NABIS and 44 police forces of England, Scotland and Wales, as well as UK law enforcement agencies, has been created.

Memorandum of UnderstandingThe MoU places an obligation on police forces and law enforcement partners to ensure that all relevant ballistic material is submitted to NABIS Forensic Services as soon as practicable after it has been recovered, this is in addition to timely, quality focused, entries on to the NABIS Database. The MoU also provides a clear understanding of the level of service that stakeholders can expect from NABIS.

The failure or delay in using NABIS could limit the effectiveness of local and national investigations into the criminal use of firearms and possible gun crime linkages could remain unknown and unexplored.

We all have a part to play in the fight against gun crime nationally. The MoU between forces, agencies and NABIS goes a long way in ensuring that the commitment required by all partied is documented, measurable and consistent.

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