Family Pay Tribute To Teenager Shot In Liverpool

18th November 2015

The family of 16-year-old Lewis Dunne who died on Sunday night after being shot during an incident in the Eldonian Village of Vauxhall have paid tribute to him.

Mum Gemma, dad Steven and sisters Ashley and Yasmin said: "He was the love of our life, the bond that held our family together. Most people wait years to find their soul mate but the day our Lewis was born was the day our hearts and souls were complete.

"He was so kind and gentle, always touching, kissing and giving hugs out. He had so much love to give and it was truly a luxury to feel. Our baby, our Lewis, our blessing.

"We have been sat here trying to find the words to describe the love of our lives. But the fact is we can't. All the adjectives ring hollow because they don't do justice to who Lewis truly was.

"Lewis was his own person,  he was sure of himself and knew who he was. He had values that weren't compromised by anything. He was an individual. He loved everyone, he loved peace and would sit and talk for hours on end, reflecting on the wonders of life. He was deep and he was sensitive. He was not just academically smart, he was wise. Wiser than most adults in fact.

"No matter what we, his family, write it doesn't have the power to ring through the honest truth of how beautiful Lewis was and that's what we want people to know - how beautiful Lewis was and is.

"He was goodness and it felt safe to hold him in our arms. The world has been robbed of our beautiful baby boy who really made people's lives magic and who had the power to do something great in this world.

"He brought love, he gave love, he was and is love.

"Our family is broken. Please, if anyone knows anything about what happened to Lew, our gorgeous, handsome baby boy, come forward. He did not deserve this.

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