NABIS Collaborates With Staffs University To Assess Firearms Training

23rd February 2021

From Rachel Bolton King - Editor In Chief at The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences 

In a collaborative and ongoing project with NABIS, we would really appreciate anyone working in any role of UK policing/law enforcement to provide us with their insight & experience of any firearm, ammunition and/or firearm-related evidence education or training they have received in our efforts to enhance future training provision.

Further information about participating in our research is detailed at the start of our ethically approved research questionnaire, which we would encourage you to complete at your earliest convenience:

Recently retired UK policing/law enforcement professionals are also encouraged to respond using open text boxes of the questionnaire to include further details about the training received in their role immediately before retiring.

We know how busy you all are, so we thank you in advance for your time in completing our questionnaire and the detail you provide to support the future of training in the sector. We will share the findings and report with you in due course.

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