Three Found Guilty Of Assisting Offender After Young Mum Shot Dead

11th March 2015

Three people who assisted the men responsible for shooting dead a young mother in Kilburn have been found guilty today, Wednesday, 11 March, at the Old Bailey of helping them to evade capture in the hours after the shooting.

Reid Daniel, 24 (26.06.90) of Mandarin Way, Hayes, UB4;  Fiona Cullum, 25 (28.05.89) of Rowley Way London NW8 and Mathew Bouzemada, 22 (22.10.92) of Holland Road, NW10 were all found guilty of assisting an offender following the two-week trial.

Daniel and Bouzemada have been remanded for sentencing on Tuesday, 17 March. Cullum will be sentenced on Friday, 10 April.

Rakheed Daniel, 21 (24.05.93) of Kensal Rise was found not guilty.

The jury heard how on the evening of 23 August 2013, Sabrina Moss was out celebrating her 24th birthday with friends including Sabrina Gachette at the Love and Liquor bar, Kilburn High Road. The group had a VIP area reserved and a steady stream of friends arrived throughout the night to join the celebrations.

Unaware of what was taking place the group did not realise that Martell Warren, Hassan Hussain, Simon Baptiste and Yassin James were carrying out a reconnaissance of the club on the look out for members of the South Kilburn gang.

At approximately 03:00hrs on 24 August 2013 Sabrina Moss and her friends left the club and made their way to Woody's Grill on Kilburn High Road. Sabrina Moss was sitting outside the restaurant and Sabrina Gachette was standing with her back towards the road facing Sabrina Moss, with a number of other people standing outside the fast food restaurant with them.

The gunmen who had also made their way to the same location ran forward from their hiding place, and standing no more than 30 feet away, began to indiscriminately open fire on the group with a Mac 10 and a shotgun. Following the shooting the gunmen drove off in a waiting car.

Sabrina Moss was shot in her arm and chest and Sabrina Gachette was shot in her back and received significant injuries to her bowel and her liver. Both women managed to make their way back inside the restaurant where they were tended to by their friends and later the London Ambulance Service.

Both Sabrina Moss and Sabrina Gachette were taken to hospital. Sabrina Moss was pronounced dead later that day. Sabrina Gachette remained in hospital for a significant period of time receiving treatment for her extensive injuries.

On 18 August 2014 Warren, Hussain and James were found guilty of murder, three counts of attempted murder and possession of a firearm. Baptiste was found guilty of conspiracy to commit GBH.

In the events following the murder Cullum was responsible for helping Hussain. At 06:10hrs Hussain called Cullum on her mobile. She was not at home when she received the call but arrived home shortly after 07:30hrs.

Hussain made arrangements for James to be collected by taxi and brought to Cullum's address and shortly after 08:30hrs all three were together.

As there was extensive police activity in the area, Cullum sheltered the two at her home address, with James leaving the property first later that morning and Hussain leaving at around 14:45hrs. Phone records also revealed that shortly after 19:30hrs on the 25 August 2013 Cullum was in contact with Baptiste.

Warren, whose car was the getaway vehicle following the shooting dumped it Bedwell Gardens, Hayes, soon after the incident. Having dealt with his car he then contacted Reid Daniel. The two then met at around 15:00hrs on 24 August 2013 near to Reid Daniel's home address.

Following their meeting Reid Daniel went to check on Warren's car twice and was caught on CCTV. He drove up to Bedwell Gardens at 15:51hrs and parked in Savoy Avenue. He ran up to the vehicle and opened the driver's door and was at the vehicle for a period of time before locking the car and leaving.

Warren called him at 15:39hrs and the two spoke for just over two minutes. Warren called Reid Daniel again at 16:16hrs with the call lasting just over six minutes. At 16:52hrs Reid Daniel returned to the car and while there he called Warren. He then left and returned back to the car to ensure that it was locked before leaving for the final time.

Whilst Reid Daniel was checking on the vehicle Warren was on his way to St Pancras where he boarded a Eurostar to Belgium.

Not only was Reid Daniel responsible for seeing to Warren's car he was also assisted with concealing his phones which he had obtained earlier in the day. Reid Daniel, who was in possession of Warren's phones, made his way to the home address of his nephew - Rakheed Daniel.

On 25 August 2013 one of Warren's phones was passed to Bouzemada. The phone then remained with Bouzemada after this point. Warren's other phone remained in Kensal Green but later that day Bouzemada was handed the second phone. They remained in his possession until 30 August 2013 when they ceased to operate. The phones were never recovered.

On 4 October 2013 detectives visited Cullum and asked whether she had been in contact with Hussain. She told officers that she had not been at home on the morning on 24 August 2013 and that she had been with a friend in the Finsbury Park area. She also claimed that she did not remember speaking to Hussain that morning and that he had not attended her address.

Rakheed Daniel was arrested on 4 December 2013. During his interview he acknowledged knowing Bouzemada and that his uncle, Reid Daniel and Warren were friends, but Rakheed denied that Reid Daniel had given him anything to look after. He was charged with assisting an offender on 28 May 2014.

Reid Daniel was arrested on 5 December 2013 and Bouzemada on 9 December 2013. Both made no comment during their interviews. They were charged with assisting an offender on 28 April 2014.

On 10 December 2013 Cullum was arrested, she once again denied knowing James and that Hussain had been at her home on 24 August 2013. She also denied knowing Baptiste though she did claim that she had met someone who used the nickname 'Flash'.

She stated that she had spoken to him three to four times following the shooting to find out what was going on. Cullum claimed that this contact had been after the police had first come to see her on 4 October 2013 and denied being responsible for the calls from her phone to Baptiste on 25 August 2013. Cullum was charged with assisting an offender on 11 June 2014.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge, from the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: "Misguided honour to protect cold-blooded killers now means that these three individuals are likely to serve a prison sentence for the significant role that they played.

"By providing shelter, alibis and disposing of mobile phones for those responsible for murdering a young woman and seriously injuring another, the three compounded the suffering of the victims' families. Great lengths were taken to ensure that killers evaded the capture of the police and I hope that today's conviction serves as a warning to all those who insist on protecting criminals."

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