West Midlands Police Sting Lands Gun Dealer In Prison

26th November 2015

An 'untouchable' member of a notorious Birmingham gang has been jailed for 16-and-a-half years after a police operation exposed him as one of the city's most prolific illegal firearms dealers.

Nosakhere Stephenson (pictured left of two) - known to his contacts as' Nosa'  - is one of 18 men who were implicated in the supply of guns and ammunition, following a West Midlands Police investigation.

They were all caught in a major undercover operation by the force's Serious and Organised Crime Unit with support from the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS).

The sting, which was set up in summer 2014, involved surveillance over many months and saw detectives intercept the movement of weapons from suppliers to buyers on five separate occasions.

This resulted in the recovery of a total of eight firearms, including a MAC-10 machine gun and pump action shotgun found buried in a garden in Aston, as well as thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Although Stephenson was never caught in possession of the guns, phone records linked him to each deal and every other person in the conspiracy - including his right-hand man, 32-year-old Sundish Nazran (pic right of two), from Nijon Close in Handsworth, who's been jailed for 13 years.

Between them, the pair would source antique guns and arrange for ammunition to be specially made to fit the weapons. They would then be sold on to criminal gangs for considerable profit, at around £3,000 apiece.

Stephenson, Nazran and 13 others admitted conspiracy to transfer guns and ammunition between 4 March 2014 and 17 January 2015, while three others were found guilty following a trial.

Also sentenced today (pic clockwise from top left) were:
 Fitzroy Ducram, 50, of no fixed address - jailed for 7 years 4 months
 Rowan Gul, 33, of Reginald Road, Alum Rock, Birmingham - jailed for 12 years 3 months
 Louis McDermott, 36, of no fixed address - jailed for 9 years 4 months
 Theodore Junior Wiggan, 28, of Scaffle Way, West Bromwich - jailed for 10 years

Eight more men are scheduled to be sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court tomorrow (27 Nov) with a further three being dealt with in January.

Chief Inspector Simon Wallis, from West Midlands Police's Serious and Organised Crime Unit, said: "Stephenson or 'Nosa' was widely-regarded as the untouchable 'Godfather' of the Burger Bar gang but as this case goes to show, nobody is above the law.

"He tried his best to distance himself from his accomplices but through undercover surveillance work and extensive investigations into phone records we were able to prove he was at the centre of this highly-organised and extremely dangerous gun supply network.

"Today's result is fantastic because we've put some prolific criminals behind bars who have been responsible for bringing dangerous weapons to our city. It is no exaggeration to say each and every gun or bullet that we've seized represents a life potentially saved."

Chief Inspector Wallis added: "Contrary to popular belief, there aren't a large number of guns or ammunition on the streets of Birmingham which is why this haul is particularly significant.

"We've made real progress over the last decade and cut gun and gang related crime massively. However, recent shootings in Birmingham - some of which have resulted in people losing their lives - highlight why it's important there's no let-up in our effort to rid the region of weapons.

"If you're involved in the illegal supply of firearms in the West Midlands, you're risking a very hefty prison sentence and it's only a matter of time before my team catches up with you."

For the full press release visit www.west-midlands.police.uk


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