Forensic team

NABIS is a national and international centre of excellence for forensic science expertise. Accredited forensic experts examine weapons and ballistic material and identify links with previous crimes and incidents.

In addition to the two hubs directly run by NABIS, the Metropolitan Police Service, the Scottish Police Authority and Police Service of Northern Ireland have their own forensic firearms laboratories that provide NABIS with intelligence. This combination achieves a truly National picture of gun crime in the UK.

Intelligence team

The intelligence team build on the evidential links identified between firearms and ballistic material submitted for analysis. Where potential links exist, the intelligence team will analyse these links within the context of overall criminal use of firearms.

They identify opportunities to increase the strategic understanding of a range of relevant trends and patterns, providing operational opportunities for decision makers.  

International development

There is an ambition to replicate the benefits being seen from NABIS work in the Western Balkans. Supporting the establishment of firearms focal points internationally enhances forensic ballistics links thus enabling bringing offenders to justice and reducing the flow of firearms. NABIS is working with UK national law enforcement agencies to identify priority countries.

Business Support

Enabling services provide the supporting infrastructure for NABIS to operate efficiently, ensuring budgets are managed, future capital spends are identified and planned for and all business support requirements are met. Database development, strategic planning and risk management ensure that NABIS can contribute towards reductions in the criminal use of firearms.

The synergy between these teams enables service delivery against a common goal. Accountability will be through a detailed Delivery Plan identifying NABIS business as usual, areas for improvement and transformation pieces of work that will future proof the service.