NABIS was created as a key component in the UKs strategy to reduce firearms criminality. Our mission is to provide a national centre of excellence for forensic science, intelligence and knowledge around the use, supply, distribution and manufacture of illegal firearms and ammunition.

NABIS continues to support UK Law Enforcement at a local, regional and national level as well as offering support internationally through engagement with Europol, Interpol, UNODC and UNDP.

Forensically examining firearms ballistic material and identifying forensic and intelligence links, enables NABIS to provide law enforcement with strategic and tactical reports that inform operational activity, and dynamic intelligence bulletins when new trends are identified.

Our team of Force Liaison Officers are on hand to support forces with their knowledge and expertise and our international development team are forging links with overseas partners. All aspects of NABIS are working collaboratively with partners to reduce of the harm caused by the Criminal Use of Firearms.

A world leading forensic and intelligence capability, NABIS builds upon existing good practice to ensure that we are in the best possible position to allow UK Law Enforcement agencies to quickly solve crimes where firearms have been used.

NABIS has been operational for more than a decade supporting UK Policing as part of the National Firearms Focal Point working closely with European partners to tackle gun crime, as well as UK Law Enforcement organisations, and continues to be the UKs internationally recognised expert agency for forensic examination and understanding of the Criminal Use of Firearms.